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Monday, August 22, 2011

Young Woman Blogging, after Marie-Denise Villers

"A woman must have ... a room of her own if she is to write..." -- Virginia Woolf

If you read my blog Georgia Mae you may find it strange that I’m attempting to build a second home for myself in cyberspace. But even though Georgia Mae is named for my grandmother and covers women’s issues, it is a blog I share with my husband.

I love working on a creative project with him. It’s incredible. And that blog isn’t going anywhere. Team Bowser is still in full effect.

But Virginia Woolf was on to something. I believe that to truly reach my potential as a writer I need a room of my own, even if it’s just a virtual one. So that’s what I intend this new blog to be. I need a place to think out loud and I need a place that, should the feeling hit me, I can decorate with flowers and other girly things without worrying about running off the men who drop by to read my husband’s musings on hip-hop.

Here I will write about a few of the topics covered at Georgia Mae such as natural hair and fitness. But, primarily, I will chronicle my adventures in writing as I attempt to get my big break (whatever that means) and snag Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe without leaving the South. (And, yes, ladies, this means you can expect a few fun fashion posts too.) 

I also hope to build an online community here for other babes who blog. Visit the Welcome page for more on the purpose of The Writeous Babe Project. 

I hope you’ll come with me on this journey. And away we go…

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