Blog Like a Girl: Nik G. of Nik Star Was Here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Like a Girl is a new feature here at The Writeous Babe Project that highlights some of my favorite babes who blog. This week we chat with Nik G. of Nik Star Was Here

What inspired you to start Nik Star Was Here?

I initially started my blog after “discovering” some fashion blogs.  I was kind of late to the game, and had no idea it was going on.  I was intrigued--so I decided to start my own blog.  Initially, I figured it would mostly be about fashion and outfit posts and that I would throw in some stuff regarding my change in lifestyle from party girl to wife/mom.  Eventually, the lifestyle aspect became more prominent as I feel like I've been busy with life more than I get the chance to focus solely on fashion and outfits. 

How did you get the word out about your blog and what advice would you give to other bloggers about keeping readers coming back once they find a blog?

As far as my following/audience--I've had an internet presence for years now.  It started out with message boards (particularly hair boards), then of course Myspace gave me a big audience during its time.  So, I think right away when I started the blog, I already had a group of people who right away were into it because they already "knew" me.  Also, I try to make sure that I comment on other blogs that I follow.  I've come to see in this blog world that "you give love--you get love."

Your posts also seem to always generate comments from your readers. What do you do to encourage that?

I actually am not sure what I do to get comments to my posts, but I'm very grateful!  I'm always pretty happy to see that people want to comment or ask me questions, etc.  I don't, however, obsess over it.  I blog as if it's my own little diary of sorts, so whether anyone reads it or not--I'm still going to post what I want to post.  I feel like you have to do it for the joy of doing it, because if you're doing it just for popularity or just to try to turn it into income that will show--not to mention, you may end up very disappointed if that doesn't happen.  

Some blogging gurus say that blogs need a niche to be successful, yet you seem to have had great success with a lifestyle blog. Why do you think this has worked for you? 

I do think blogs that cover a specific thing may do better.  I would actually encourage someone to get a little more specific when starting a blog.  I haven't necessarily done that, because from my past experience on the internet I've come to see that people seem to be interested in me in general for whatever reason. I think people like to see how other people live.  I know that I do. So that's my draw.  Hopefully, I can give some insight on how life changes once a woman gets married has kids while still trying to remain in touch with that piece of herself that will always be her.

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