How to Beat Feminist Burnout - Guest Post for I Am That Girl

Thursday, March 27, 2014

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I recognized the look in their faces. It was a look I’d seen in the mirror far too many times. It was the look of frustration and complete overwhelm. It was the look of feminist burnout.
The two young women standing before me were two students in the 10th grade English class I taught that year. They were two students that – after the school day was done – I had long talks with about feminism, activism, and art.  
These two students of mine came to me on this particular afternoon filled with rage about rape culture and feeling helpless to do anything about it or anything else. They began to rattle off all the injustices we women still face and the sexist attitudes that they felt would prevent our society from ever achieving gender equality.
Then they took a breath and looked to me, the grownup in the room, for answers.
I had none.
I don’t know of any simple ways to end rape culture or change the sexist attitudes held by both men and women.
But I do know how to beat feminist burnout. I know how to be a happy feminist.
Beating feminist burnout is the topic of my first guest post for I Am That Girl, a feminist website, book, and movement for teen girls. 
You can read the complete post here
I am so excited, honored and proud to be part of the I Am That Girl family. 


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