November Intentions

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Can you believe November is already here?!
2016 is just down the street, around the corner, or however the saying goes. 
I like to begin each month setting goals for the weeks ahead.

But first I take a look back at the previous month. First, I consider what worked well and what didn’t. I consider what I accomplished and what goals I failed to meet.
October was weird.
After completely burning out in September I decided that October would be a month of rest and I cancelled all See Jane Write events planned for the month. However, I still had to take care of my long-term clients, attend a few very important events, and grade a mountain of papers. So rest and I only saw each other briefly — the weekend I was sick with 102-degree fever and had to stay home.
My goals for October were to get a massage, spend more quality time with my husband and my friends, exercise daily, and write my 5-year vision. I failed at most of these.
Despite the lack of rest, I still ended the month feeling re-energized. I suspect my new business coach had a lot to do with that. We spent the month working on my 5-year plan and vision for my blog, my business, and my life and doing that very important work set me on fire for my goals again. In fact, writing my five-year vision is the only October goal I accomplished last month. But that was enough to get me ready to take November by storm!
Here are my business goals for November:
#bloglikecrazy! This month I hope to publish a new blog post every day on the See Jane Write blog. I also hope to read and share most of the posts by the ladies (and gentlemen) who participate in the challenge. 
Build the new See Jane Write membership site. I’ve been kicking around the idea for a membership website for nearly a year now. It’s time to just do it!
Increase the See Jane Write email list by 50 percent. This is a VERY lofty goal, but if I’m serious about taking See Jane Write to the next level, I’ve got to get serious about growing my list. (You can sign up here!)
Plan and promote the December See Jane Write event. Because I’ve had such a wonderful experience with my business coach, I’ve asked her to do a workshop for See Jane Write on crafting a vision to get you all ready for 2016. Stay tuned for details.
Rebrand the See Jane Write social media. Following the advice of my business coach and a brand strategist, I’m rebranding most of the See Jane Write social media accounts to @seejavaciawrite while still encouraging people to use the #seejanewrite hashtag. Be sure to follow me at my new Instagram and Periscope accounts. (The Twitter switch is coming soon. Facebook will remain the same.)
I have a few personal goals, as well, which are basically all the things I failed to do in October:
Spend more quality time with my husband.
Spend more quality time with my friends. 
Start training for my next half marathon. 
Rest -- even if just for a day.
What are your goals for November?

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  1. Great idea of coming up with a monthly list of goals. I currently list my goals for each season but this is way better. It maintains and narrows your focus on how to get to those seasonal goals I attempt to succeed at.