March in Review

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The end of March is here. It's time for me to take a look back at my intentions for the month. Let's see how I did: 

Guest blog.
  • Fail. Maybe next month. 
Write more articles for Clutch. For real.
  • Finally, I made good on this intention. Check out my latest article here
Write and submit an essay to one of my favorite publications.
  • Another fail. I think I'll put this on the back burner until summer. 
Post at least one Blog Like a Girl Q&A.
  • I had the pleasure of interviewing feminist fashion blogger Courtney Mirenzi of Those Graces. 
Start a new workout regimen.
  • Fail. And my expanding waistline is the proof. Since I finished my half-marathon training I've had a hard time getting back in the groove of a regular workout routine. I hope I can get it together in April. 
Go out on another girl date.
  • I did very well in this department. Gotta have your girlfriends. 
Spend Spring Break in Louisville and write about my trip.
  • I did spend Spring Break in Louisville and had a wonderful time. I didn't write about it though. I did, however, write an essay about poetry and Carrie Bradshaw while I was there. I'm sure you're wondering what poetry and a Sex and the City character have in common. Stay tuned. I plan to post the essay next week. 
Straighten my hair (not with chemicals and it will just be this way for two weeks).

  • Done! Check me out:

I'll be back tomorrow with my April intentions. 

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