April Intentions

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Flowers
Photo by Curtis Fry
Image via Creative Commons

April is a very special month for me because six years ago on April 8 I said "I do" and married my best friend. But along with celebrating my anniversary there are many other things I want to do this month. Here are my April intentions:

Guest blog.
Have lunch with the ladies of See Jane Write.
Continue to write for Clutch.
Post at least one Blog Like a Girl Q&A.
Rejoin the Skirt.com blogging community.
Start a new workout regimen.
Launch another attempt to become a good cook.
Blog about and attend Paint the Town Red.
Check out Living in Limbo.

What are you plans for April?


  1. 1. Return to praying on at least a semi-regular basis
    2. Investigate my options for when both my part-time gigs end in June
    3. *Maybe* check out history, theology, women's & gender studies, playwriting and theater performance programs
    4. Begin rewrite on play I wrote last month
    5. Prepare and tell a story live at The Moth.
    6. Write something that could go in my own memoir
    7. Beg someone else to publish my writing since the C-J obviously will collapse soon, given it has no employees.

    1. Excellent goals, Mariam. Let's keep each other accountable this month!

    2. I've done 1, 2, 3 and 6. They changed the theme for this month's Moth, and I don't have a story to tell that would fit, so that takes out 5. 4 and 7 are the hard ones. How's April going? Just checking in; I know your full April review will be coming at the beginning of next month.

    3. Wow! You've accomplished four already. Way to go! I haven't been as productive as you have. I did have lunch with my writing group and I did attend and blog about Paint the Town Red. I'm kinda working on the cooking thing. In fact, I'm cooking right now. And I should have a guest post on CurlyNikki.com this week. The thing I'm most frustrated with is my lack of dedication to fitness lately. It's pitiful. I workout like twice a week. Pitiful.

      Anyway, have you considered writing for Clutch?

    4. I have considered Clutch. I pitched them a while back but never received a response. In fact, I've never received a response from any zine I've queried, online or print.