April in Review and May Intentions

Saturday, May 5, 2012

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I'm several days late posting my intentions for this month, which just goes to show how chaotic life has been lately. I even forgot to do my April review. So let's start there. 

Guest blog.

Have lunch with the ladies of See Jane Write.

  • I had a fabulous lunch with some of my fellow women writers and our gathering inspired this post

Continue to write for Clutch.

  • I didn't write for Clutch last month because I was busy with some other freelance gigs, including a profile of Nina Garcia of Marie Claire and Project Runway fame!
Post at least one Blog Like a Girl Q&A.

  • Ugh. Another failure. Sigh. 
Rejoin the Skirt.com blogging community.

  • I cross-posted a few things onto my Skirt blog, but I still don't feel as though I've actually rejoined the community. 
Start a new workout regimen.

  • EPIC FAIL! I just can't get motivated. I'm still only working out twice a week. Pitiful.
Launch another attempt to become a good cook.

  • I'm certainly nowhere near being a good cook, but I've been putting in much practice. 
Blog about and attend Paint the Town Red.

  • I did a preview post on the event and then had a great time attending with my cousin/BFF.
Check out Living in Limbo.

  • I not only saw the exhibit, but I also attended a panel discussion on religion and homosexuality that was very eye-opening and inspiring, so inspiring that I left with an idea for what I hope will be my first book!

And here are my goals for the month of May:

See New Edition in concert!
Successfully host See Jane Write presents Freelancing 101. 
Survive the end of the school year. 
Write my summer manifesto.
Start some late spring cleaning. 

What are your plans for May?

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