Why I Write

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kristen - hands
Photo by Angie Garrett via Flickr/Creative Commons

The temperature is quickly climbing to 100 degrees. I find refuge in a cool corner of a coffee shop and a mason jar of iced mango green tea.

I’m here on a mission to answer one simple, little question posed in a thick, heavy book that I’ve been toting around for a week. It’s a writing exercise composed of a one sentence prompt: Why do you write?

Open journal. Pick up pen. Ready. Set. Go.

I write for the sake of my heartbeat, to remind myself that I exist.
I write because I can’t help myself.
I write when my hand trembles in fear of the thoughts haunting my mind.
I write between lines for those cast aside to the margins.
I write to punish. I write to praise.
I write to hold tight to grudges. I write to forgive.
I write to feel sincere. I write to expose myself as a fraud.
I write to feel human. I write to feel divine.
I write as an act of prayer, each sentence a chant, a hymn, a meditation.
I write as an act of play, to feel free as a girl flying high in her favorite swing at the neighborhood park.
I write to find community. I write to escape to my own little world.
I write because I want you to love me.
I write to be immortal. I write when I feel ready to die.
I write because I believe that in the end stories are all we have.

Why do you write?


  1. EXCELLENT POST! I am loving the flow and pace of this blog.

    - I write because I don't know what life would be like if I couldn't.

    - I write to provide a voice to the marginalized who are voiceless.

    - I write to inspire.

    - I write to educate.

    - I write because I breathe.

    - I write because it's a way to get my thoughts out before they escape.

    - I write because I was born to write.

  2. My heart hears you and thanks you!

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  4. i like your writing on your hand style. My heart sound you and thanks you.

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