21 Signs You're a Serious Blogger

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Aren't You Blogging?
Image by Mike Licht via Flickr/Creative Commons

Long ago blogging began as a form of online journaling for those with the urge to bare their souls to cyberspace. And some people realized that blogging was a great way to keep friends and family up-to-date with the details of their lives.Then one day someone figured out that a blog could be a business and even a fast track to fame. (However, if this is why you're blogging, don't quit your day job.) 

These days everybody and their pet has a blog. And I'm not saying that to be funny. See:

wonton blogging
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And who doesn't love the blog I Can Has Cheezburger?

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Some people blog simply because it's now the "in" thing to do.  Then there are those of us who blog because we just can't help ourselves. We have something to say that we believe the world needs to hear, er, read. Some folks may say we're a bit obsessed, but they just don't understand that we're on a mission.

Here are 21 signs that you're a serious blogger:

1. You spend so much time working on your blog it's as if you two are dating.
2. You fell asleep last night with your iPad in your arms.
3. You can look at the top of your computer screen right now and find no fewer than 10 tabs open in your Internet browser.
4. You're closer to your online friends than you are to your co-workers.
5. Friends often mention your blog when they introduce you to other people.
6. Your Twitter handle is your blog's name, not yours.
7. People often refer to you by your blog name/Twitter handle... and you like it.
8. You can't have long conversations with people who still equate social media to online teenage gossip. 
9.  Whenever you're invited to an event or outing with friends you're always thinking, "Could I blog about this?"
10. When a friend tells you about a new life venture your response is always, "You should blog about that!"
11. You look forward to holidays and vacations because the time off means more time to blog.
12. Your biggest girl crush is on a successful blogger, not an actress or pop star.
13. Reading and commenting on your favorite blogs each day is as essential as taking a shower.
14.  You LOVE tweetups because they allow you to meet your favorite local bloggers IRL.
15. You use acronyms like IRL.
16. You know what the acronym SEO stands for and you can tell anyone who asks how to improve theirs.
17. You can help an aspiring blogger come up with a niche and editorial calendar over lunch. 
18. You're stashing away cash not for a new Coach bag, but to attend BlogHer, Blissdom, or some other blogging conference. 
19. "Win a blogging award" is on your bucket list. 
20. While others dream of winning the lottery and never working again, you dream of being a full-time professional blogger.
21. You keep a notebook of post ideas with wherever you go. In fact, it's probably right next to you right now.


  1. Too many of these pertain to me! Love it, JHB!!

    1. I'm guilty of each and every one of them, which is obviously how I came up with the list. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

  2. CRIES!!! I meet way too many of the criteria. This is hilarious but true!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I basically wrote this about myself and my issues. LOL

  3. Guilty!!!!!!!!!! So guilty! Is there a 12 step program? Ha!

    1. I know, right? We really do need some help. BTW, I checked out your blog and I love your tagline.

  4. Oops. You just described me completely.

    1. I think we need to start some sort of support group.