Magic City Post - Megan LaRussa: Birmingham's style entrepreneur

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey, babes! Check out my latest article for Magic City Post. Be sure to pass this on to anyone interested in creating a fashion career in the South. 


Alabama may not be home to any of the cities dubbed fashion capitals of the world, but that’s not stopping Megan LaRussa from turning her passion for fashion and sense of style into a successful career. LaRussa runs the website and is a style coach and fashion event planner. She also writes a monthly style feature for Birmingham Magazine.
While some may think Alabama is an unlikely place to carve out a career in fashion, LaRussa has found Alabama to be the perfect stage on which to style her professional goals.
“We as Southerners take pride in our heritage and ourselves and thus dress accordingly,” LaRussa said. “Southern women, for the most part, take pride in their appearance and enjoy getting dressed up in feminine pieces like sundresses.  Take college football games as a prime example.  Southern women dress to the nines for these games, while in other parts of the country women simply wear jeans and their team’s jersey.”
You can read the complete article at Magic City Post

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