My Writeous Week and the Solution to Blogger's Block

Friday, September 21, 2012

2012. calendar
Image by Asja Boros via Flickr/Creative Commons

Ask any social media guru the keys to successful blogging and at some point the word "consistency" is going to be spoken. But, unfortunately, that's usually one of the hardest things to achieve. Getting "inspired" to write a fresh blog post three to five times a week is tough. But having a plan can help you conquer the blank screen. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you need an editorial calendar. In a way a publishing schedule can serve as writing prompts. It's Tuesday night and you're not sure what to write for the next day. Just check your editorial calendar. It will help you focus on a specific topic which will help you come up with an idea much sooner than you would if you decided to just kill time on Twitter for a minute or two or two hundred. 

So here is my new editorial calendar, or as I like to call it, My Writeous Week:
  • Monday Motivation -- quotes from famous writers or personal stories that aim to offer encouragement to my fellow writers, bloggers, artists, and dreamers. 
  • Tuesday -- Life as a Birmingbelle (my clever little term for a modern belle in Birmingham. Y'all know I love making up words for nicknames). This will be my time to show off my city by highlighting a local event or profiling a woman who is working hard to make Birmingham a better place for other women. 
  • Wednesday -- Writer Wisdom. These posts will offer practical advice for writers and bloggers, through tips gathered from either my own experience or from other writers and bloggers.
  • Thursday -- Social Media Day. These posts will run the gamut, but will be in someway related to blogging and/or social media. 
  • Friday -- My Writeous Weekend: These posts will give me another opportunity to write about what's going on in my city as I will chat a bit about my plans for the weekend, but the post will mostly be devoted to sharing links to interesting articles I think you writer-types and blogging babes should read while you have a couple days away from the day job. 

What's your editorial calendar for your blog?


  1. This inspired me to finish the editorial calendar that I have been avoiding for more than a week! Praise Him for encouragement.

    Mondays will focus on books and black women writers. I will highlight books and writers, provide lists of books I've enjoyed and secure exclusive interviews.

    On Tuesdays, I will promote fashion as it relates to self-esteem by discussing fall wardrobes, etc.

    Wednesdays, I will reflect on urban movies, such as Love Jones. If I'm blank there, I will discuss politics.

    Thursdays will be devoted to tips and tricks for graduate school. I will also discuss different aspects of feminism and critical race theory.

    Fridays, there will be a list of recommended readings for the weekend based on what I post on Twitter.

    1. Thanks for sharing your editorial calendar, Evette! I'm headed to your blog to check out some of your posts!

  2. Well, now I'm gonna have to come up with one.

  3. this is such a great idea! i've been struggling with the editorial calendar concept and the daily themed posts is much better to work with than to just select a random topic per day. I will be implementing this.

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