31 Days to a Better Blog

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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I’m not a fashion blogger, but I regularly read the Independent Fashion Bloggers website because it always features such great tips for bloggers of any niche.

At the beginning of this month I came across a blog post on that website on 31 Ways to Boost Your Blog into 2013. Taylor Davies gave a list of 31 things to do in the month of December to make for a more successful blog in the New Year. Unfortunately, I didn't see this post until a few days into the month and since I’m not a fashion blogger several items on the list didn't really apply to me. Then I thought, “I feel another blogging challenging coming on!”

Drawing inspiration from Davies' post, I’ve put together a list of my own: 31 Days to a Better Blog. Here are 31 things to do in January (that’s one task for each day) to improve your blog. What a great way to kick off the New Year.

Below is the entire list so you can play along, but each day I’ll be posting or tweeting @writeousbabe about the tasks (with the hashtag #31Days).

If you plan to join me on this challenge let me know in the comments so I can swing by your blog to check on your progress.

Happy blogging!

Writeous Babe

31 Days to a Better Blog
  1. Carve out a new niche for yourself. Create the blog you wish existed!
  2. Create an editorial calendar and stick with it!
  3. Update your Twitter header.
  4. Write a mission statement for your blog. 
  5. Revamp your About page (and include that new mission statement). 
  6. Redesign your header. 
  7. Take a photo that you will use on all your social networking sites and add the photo to your blog as an "About Me" graphic that links to your About page. 
  8. If you've been thinking about changing your URL, title or platform, do it! 
  9. Sign up for a blogging class or conference.
  10. Recommit to being more engaging on Facebook and Twitter. 
  11. Dust off your LinkedIn profile. Believe it or not, I've had more people contact me about writing and social media gigs through LinkedIn than Facebook or Twitter. 
  12. Update your Google profile. 
  13. Learn how you can use Pinterest to boost your blog. 
  14. Update your blogroll. 
  15. Now recommit to leaving thoughtful comments on most of those sites in your blogroll. 
  16. Cut ties with some of your tweeps to streamline your Twitter experience. 
  17. Make commenting on your blog easier.
  18. Organize an event for bloggers in your area.
  19. Get connected with an online blogging community such as BlogHer, Skirt or IFB.
  20. Make a pitch to be featured on or to contribute to one of your favorite blogs. 
  21. Make a pitch to be featured in local (or even national) media. 
  22. Start a video post feature on a topic related to your niche. 
  23. Post an interview with someone you admire. These posts generally bring lots of pageviews.
  24. Introduce yourself to important people in your niche. 
  25. Blog about a controversial topic. These posts are shared over and over in cyberspace and are sure to bring you more traffic.
  26. Start an e-newsletter.
  27. Have a blog date. Go to your favorite coffee shop and blog for hours.
  28. Highlight your best blog posts. 
  29. Cover a local event. These types of posts tend to be popular, too.
  30. Compile a post of all the lesssons you've learned about blogging thus far. Your readers who are also bloggers will appreciate it, and this will be a great post for you to refer back to when you feel you've lost your way.
  31. Create a list of great blog post ideas for 2013. 


  1. I love this! It's like a checklist for what I have and have not yet done to finish "launching" my new blog. I'm in!

    Tanya (my Wordpress login isn't working)

    1. I'm so glad you'll be joining me for this challenge!

  2. I've already done most of what's on this list without even knowing that this was a challenge. My newest completed task was creating a facebook page for my blog. I'll still try and participate with what I haven't done already. Or maybe since I've already done some, I can reiterate why I did such (i.e., Facebook page.) I'm up for the challenge. (:

  3. Good advice. Thanks!

  4. Great idea — I'm in! I need to focus on improving my blog and blogging more often, so this is a great challenge. Thanks for proposing it!

  5. I'll join the challenge! I've been tinkering with several of the suggestions for quite some time now. Unfortunately, Wordpress.org (not .com) makes some of these suggestions more difficult than I think Google does, but a complete change of platform is out of the question for me. There have been several times when I've given up on improving my blog because the technical challenges took away too much time I could've been writing.

    I have one suggestion to add: Get your site mobile ready/compatible. This was something I attempted recently. I went through DudaMobile but ended up disabling the mobile redirect because it was set up to be either a blog or a site, not a blog that also has "About" and other pages or a site that also has a blog. Their support page says this is a capability they may have in the future, so I may revisit in 2013. I didn't re-try with another mobile site redirect company because setting up the DudaMobile site and dealing with the technical difficulties had taken up so much time already.

    1. Good suggestion. Personally, I don't like reading the mobile version of blogs, but I know this is an important step for bloggers to take.

  6. Love this idea and challenge! Thanks, Javacia! :)

  7. I've done a lot of stuff on this list already, but am planning on doing more, so I am up for the challenge! I love IFB's articles. I'll be keeping up with your progress.

  8. I def need to update our blogroll. Some blogs that are on there...including your old one no longer exist. That's a must!

  9. I've been planning a blog update for quite a while - especially since I've been lax in updating for the past couple months (at least). I'm hoping this challenge is just what I need to get my blog back off the ground.

    1. Yes! Let's do this! I hope this challenge can be the motivation you needed.

  10. Here goes nothing. :) Great ideas and great list, Javacia. :)

  11. Great post! Am intrested in this challenge. Will like to inprove on the design of my blog page b4 i start inviting page views.

  12. Love this! I'm starting a new blog and will be using this list as a kickstarter. Good job :)

  13. This is great! Thank you!


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