What's Next for Writeous Babe?

Monday, April 1, 2013

This month I'm participating in a blogging challenge with my friend Carol at GirlGadabout.com. Today's prompt: introduce yourself. Do an interview of why you started blogging or have another blogger interview you for this post.

Image by Filipe Ferreira via Flickr/Creative Commons

Even though I haven't published a new blog post in over a week, the past several days have been an exciting time for me on the Interwebz. The Twitter account for See Jane Write Magazine has garnered more than 160 followers in less than two weeks and, speaking of that little magazine idea of mine, Magic City Post recently interviewed me about See Jane Write and the upcoming launch of the magazine. Click here to check out the article. 

Through all my excitement about this project I have had one worry -- will I still be able to blog?

Finding time to sleep is already a problem as I juggle freelancing, See Jane Write, church, family, fitness, and friends with my full time teaching gig. Add running a magazine to that and I'm not sure how I'm going to find time to shower. So how on earth am I going to also continue to maintain this blog?

This all has led to some soul searching as I try to figure out what I want this blog to become. I asked myself: Why did I ever start blogging in the first place? The answer came to me quickly. I wanted to empower women and I wanted to do something that would fill that void in my soul caused by the fact that I'd given up on my dream of starting a magazine. But I am starting a magazine and that magazine is going to (I hope) empower women. So now what?

Should I now use this blog to celebrate Birmingham? Should I use this blog to cover feminist issues more frequently? Or should I just use this blog as a place to post updates on my writing career? 

I have no idea. 

But for now, I know I will continue to write regularly in this space even if only for myself. Maybe it's time to go old school and just make this an online journal -- which is all blogs were back in the day. I still believe in the value of journaling as it is a way to practice writing. And I'm motivated to keep this blog going, even if only for myself, by these words:

“The habit of writing thus for my own eye only is good practice. It loosens the ligaments.” 
- Virginia Woolf


  1. What ever you decide to make this blog I hope you will keep it public. I love reading your posts.

  2. I second that. Whatever you decide, we can't wait to see.

  3. How about using it as a "behind the scenes" blog for the magazine? Also, on Wednesday, you have been included in my post about "Who inspires me" :)

    1. Thanks, Carol! And I love your idea about making this a "behind the scenes" blog for the magazine!

    2. It would be fun to read something like "behind the photo shoot" and perhaps tell us what makeup was used or the clothing the model was wearing. Or a funny little story about doing some research on a project. You know, stuff like that. :)

  4. I will definitely keep the blog public, regardless of what I decide. Thanks for the feedback, ladies.