Tomorrow I'm Taking the Day Off

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm spending part of my day off catching up on some of my favorite magazines. 

Because I am a teacher, I have technically been on vacation since May 25. But because I am a freelance writer, blogger, and entrepreneur I haven't had a day off this entire summer.

I work every day, some days from dusk to midnight.

But not tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I am taking the day off.

Tonight is the night of the See Jane Write Magazine launch party and I'm so excited. I'm so giddy you'd think it was my Sweet 16 party, prom night or my wedding day.

I've been planning my outfit for two months and I even got a room at the hotel where I'm holding the party.

I didn't get the hotel room because I plan to get too drunk to drive home. (I'm too old for that foolishness.) I'm renting a room because it will urge me to sleep in. I plan to get up whenever I want and go to brunch or to a matinee movie with my husband.

Once I'm home I plan to sit on the sofa and and flip through my favorite magazines. Then I'll watch some TV.

And I plan to keep my computer closed for as long as I can.

Taking a day off will be hard because I love working on my blog and my business.

But I know that everyone needs to rest. Even God took a day off after creating the world!

If you're a workaholic like me, I hope you'll pick a day, once a week, to give yourself a break too.

Trust me, you deserve it.

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