Confessions of a Bad Blogger

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I feel like a blah-ger, not a blogger.
Last week this blog was mentioned on two of my favorite websites -- Clutch Magazine and  The Writeous Babe Project was included in an article by Evette Dionne called Black Girl Everything: 5 Underrated Blogs You Should Read.

Though I was honored and excited to be included, I was also embarrassed.

I felt my blog didn't deserve to be on that list because lately I haven't given this site the care it deserves.

At the end of last month I devised a new editorial calendar that called for me to post new content here daily. My hope was that this would prevent me from neglecting this blog in the wake of the launch of See Jane Write Magazine. But not only did I fail to keep up with the schedule, but I often would post things just to fill space. I committed a cardinal sin of blogging and put quantity over quality.

New readers who came to my blog should have found insightful posts like Why I'm Reluctant to Write About Not Wanting Kids or Feminism Is For Lovers. But instead they just found filler.

Also, I constantly preach about the importance of bloggers having a mission statement, but I've lost sight of that too. With the launch of See Jane Write Magazine I'm no longer sure of the purpose of The Writeous Babe Project. I can't decide if I want this to be a feminist blog, a blog about writing, or both.

I spent all day yesterday at blogging and social media conference called Y'all Connect. (Head over to the See Jane Write blog to find out how the conference made me a Taylor Swift fan.) And today I'm hitting the road to head to Chicago for BlogHer '13. My hope is that by the time I return to my Sweet Home Alabama I'll have the direction I need.

What struggles are you having with your blog right now?


  1. I'm having a similar problem in terms of figuring out my blog's purpose. Originally my blog was supposed to function as simply a portfolio for my clips, as I studied journalism in college and wanted a place for employers to easily find my work. but now that I've graduated and I'm doing independent projects that inform my blog topics, I'm not sure how to develop a more narrow focus than what I originally started out with that won't look like I'm rebranding.

  2. I find myself venturing out from my blog's original purpose from time to time. I am working to make sure that I post blogs that are related to my intended purpose.

  3. Right now I want to remain organized and consistent. My editorial calendar for the next few weeks is only half full. Still, that's enough to get started.

    I'm both frightened and excited by the prospect of blogging daily. But I can't afford NOT to try. ;)