My Feminist Resolutions for 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Queen Javacia: Yes, I wore a tiara to brunch. No, I didn't care that people were staring at me. 

Happy New Year!

News Year's Eve and New Year's Day are my favorite holidays. I love partying with friends on New Year's Eve and I have a tradition of going to brunch every New Year's Day.

I also love making New Year’s resolutions, but oftentimes they don’t love me back. Let’s face it, most New Year’s resolutions are based on the notion that you’re just not good enough. You’re too fat or too skinny. You’re too loud or too shy. You don’t have a man and you need to fix that fast.

So this year my goals and resolutions are all about empowerment.  

I shared my writing resolutions earlier this week at

Here are my feminist resolutions for 2014: 

  • I will exercise every day, not to lose weight but to gain strength.
  • I resolve to eat right, finally, not because I want to be skinny but because I want to be healthy.
  • This year I will pitch story ideas to all my favorite women’s publications and websites.
  • I am determined to land my own column on women’s issues in a national or local publication.
  • In 2014 I will re-read my favorite classic and contemporary feminist texts.
  • This year I will cherish my friendships and make more time for my girls.
  • This year I will cherish my marriage and make more time for my husband.
  • In 2014 I will embrace being a sexy feminist.
  • I resolve to spread the gospel of Jesus feminism and show my Christian friends that feminism is not a dirty word.
  • This year I will make a difference in the life of a girl.
  • This year I will make a difference in the life of another woman.

What are your resolutions for 2014?


  1. Great piece Javacia. Creating resolutions from a place of fulfillment rather than deficiency is a perspective I'm adopting as well. My feminist resolutions are:

    1) Prioritize my health, happiness and well-being. Self-care is a revolutionary act.
    2) Read bell hooks' entire canon. It's time to become familiar with her entire body of work.
    3) Cultivate reciprocal relationships with other women, primarily black women.

    1. I love these, Evette! I need to read all of bell hooks' work too.

  2. Hello!! I enjoyed reading your blog. . I haven't been reading in a while but you always have something good. .

    1. I actually wrote some resolutions down but they are more a continuation of what I've already started. .

      1. Take care of my physical appearance
      2. Continue savings but do a 52 week challenge
      3. Criticize and complain less - choose words carefully (with the help of the Holy Spirit!!)

      I wrote other things down but these are what really stand out.

      Happy New Year to you as well!! :-)

    2. Thanks for sharing your resolutions, LaTasha.

  3. Those last two really stuck out to me!

    This year I plan to continue riding the wave of growing my business and doing more fun things with my family.