Learning to Lean In

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm an English teacher, so I like themes. 

My theme for February is simple: lean in. 

This month I'll be rereading Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg's wildly popular book on women in leadership, with a group of women from the Birmingham Girls Club

But that's not the only reason I've chosen the charge to "lean in" as my mantra for the month. 

In February I want to not only lean in to leadership, but I also want to lean in to life.

I'll be doing plenty of reading this month. In addition to the Lean In reading challenge with BGC, I'll also be participating in a virtual book club that's reading the e-book An Inspired Life, by Katie Hilbert of the blog A Place to Dwell. In the book Hilbert discusses the idea of leaning in to the different seasons of your life. She writes:

If I'm leaning into my season I'm embracing it, living it, and loving it -- despite its rough edges and imperfections.  
Leaning into your season isn't about ignoring your future it's about getting the most you can out of each day as you more toward new seasons and experiences. 

So while I will remain focused on my goals for 2014, this month I will also strive to enjoy each moment of each day. 

What is your theme for the month of February? 

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