Friday, February 7, 2014

My birthday is Sunday, but I decided to start the celebration today by drafting a list of 33 things I'd like to do while I'm 33.

  1. Lead a Jesus Feminist small group. 
  2. Build my upper body strength so that I can do 50 consecutive military-style push ups.
  3. Run in the Birmingham Color Me Rad race.
  4. Participate in the Vulcan Run.
  5. Conquer my fear of Pure Barre.
  6. Climb a rock wall.
  7. Reach my happy weight.
  8. Get Jillian Michaels to retweet me.
  9. Attend TEDx Birmingham.
  10. Start planning the See Jane Write Creative Conference.
  11. Start a newsletter. 
  12. Land my own column in a local publication.
  13. Land my own column in a national publication.
  14. Write for xoJane.com.
  15. Write for Hello Giggles.
  16. Write for For Harriet.
  17. Write for Feministe.com
  18. Write for Ebony.com
  19. Write for Essence.com
  20. Pitch a story idea to one of my favorite national magazines. 
  21. Guest blog for Erika Napoletano.
  22. Guest blog for Jeff Goins.
  23. Guest blog for Sarah Bessey.
  24. Buy a good camera and learn how to use it.
  25. Learn how to shoot and edit video and start video blogging.
  26. Give my blog a makeover.
  27. Give myself a makeover.
  28. Streamline and organize my life – online and offline.
  29. Revamp my syllabus and lesson plans for my literature course and my Women and Media class. 
  30. Go on a weekend getaway to New Orleans with hubster.
  31. Take a trip with my girls. 
  32. Read all the books I own.
  33. Pay down my credit card debt.   

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