Color Me Fun

Sunday, April 13, 2014

On January 1, 2014 I announced via this blog and social media that I would exercise every day this year. It's mid-April and I haven't missed a day yet. 

For my workout on Saturday I walked 3.1 miles while people threw handfuls of brightly colored cornstarch at me. Yes, that's right, on Saturday I participated in the race known as Color Me Rad

Color Me Rad is a 5K that "fires off in a blaze of color bombs, color cannons, color mortars, and multi-toned courses." In each city Color Me Rad is held a portion of the proceeds from the race is donated to a local charity that partners with CMR. Birmingham's race benefitted the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama. 

Despite the heat, the hills and the itchy cornstarch my cousin Tasha and I had a blast during our trek around the Hoover Met on Saturday. My cousin is still recovering from an ankle injury so we chose to walk, not run, the race, but we got in a great workout nonetheless and had a great time.

I'm always telling my friends that exercise should be fun and Saturday's race reminded me to practice what I preach. I wasn't concerned about how long it took me to complete the race. I wasn't checking my Polar fitness watch to see how many calories I'd burned. I was just having fun.

Here are more pictures from the race:

I think Big Foot came to the race too!

A conga line broke out at the after party!


  1. Congrats to sticking to your workout regimen. I love the colors. Just fabulous!

  2. Javacia,
    I just want to thank you for creating this blog. I read it often and I feel compelled to let you know I am inspired by your personal and professional accomplishments. When I first read it, I was happy to identify with another 33-year old, married, African-American woman who sports a curly natural and who loves the written word and Jesus. I have fitness and writing goals that I am working to achieve and your blog definitely serves as motivation and inspiration for me. Thanks for being you and being brave enough to show up in this world.

    1. Wow, Kristina! That just made my day. Women like you are why I keep writing and keep blogging. Thank you from reading my blog and taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment.

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