Resolutions for Writeous Babes

Friday, January 2, 2015

Yesterday on the blog I declared 2015 the Year of the Writeous Babe and in my manifesto I explained exactly what a writeous babe is.

To stay writeous, to be a babe and be a boss, there are certain things I need to do this year, certain goals I need to set and good habits I need to adopt. You can call these resolutions or if you hate New Year's resolutions you can call them whatever you'd like, just consider taking on a few of your own.

Here are my writeous resolutions 2015:

I resolve to begin each day with this.

I will begin every morning with prayer and meditation. As I get older I'm becoming less and less religious and more and more spiritual -- focusing less on rules and rituals and more on being in constant communion with the Creator and learning to recognize and relate to the part of God's spirit that I believe exists in each and every one of us. Nonetheless, I do believe it's important to have some personal spiritual practices in place. For me this means spending time each morning writing in my prayer journal and reading and sharing inspirational verses of Scripture.

New Year's Eve selfie with my man!

I will spend more time with my Beloved. My husband is my heart. Our marriage is not perfect. Some people think it is, but no relationship can make this claim. But through tough times our bond has only gotten stronger and our union more complete. No one on this planet knows me, understands me, or supports me the way he does. We are both fiercely ambitious and, therefore, both insanely busy. Thus, we must be very intentional about spending quality time together. We have vowed to devote two days a month to just the two of us.  

My bestie since 1995!

I will text, call, or email a gal pal every day and I will spend quality time with a woman or girl in my life once a week. A writeous babe believes in the sanctity of sisterhood. This year I will text, call, or email at least one girlfriend of mine (about something not business-related) each day. Additionally, I also will have face-to-face time with a woman or girl in my life each week -- whether that's meeting for coffee, dinner, or brunch or going for a walk. 

I will walk/run 1200 miles this year.  Last year I exercised every single day and, believe it or not, it made me a better writer. This year's fitness goal is to walk/run 1200 miles by the end of the year. To accomplish this I will need to get in 100 miles a month. (Miles only count if I'm wearing athletic shoes and walking or running for fitness. In other words, the pacing I do in my classroom doesn't count.)

I will blog three to five times a week. A writeous babe blogs like a boss. If I have the time to exercise every day for a year, I have the time to update my blog the way that I should. There are no excuses. 

I will get a massage every month. A writeous babe believes in self-care. She knows wellness is not a luxury. So this year I'm getting a massage each month to knead out all the knots from all the work I put in at the keyboard, in the classroom, and on my favorite running trail. 

I'm ready to take this year by storm! But first, I need brunch.

I will focus on three major goals: 1) Earn $100,000 in my business 2) Be recognized by Forbes and 3) See my byline in one of my favorite national magazines. If you think these goals are too lofty, you are not thinking like a writeous babe. 

What are your goals and resolutions for 2015? 

Worried that you don't have time to pursue your goals for the year? Check out How To Write and Have a Life, a time management e-course for women who write and blog. 


  1. Hi Javacia,

    Question about the e-course: Are there any live sessions, or can I take it all at my own pace?

  2. You will definitely do all of this! My new way of thinking for 2015 is: not if, when. I am so excited for you!

    1. Thank you, Dakotah! You are one of the reasons I do what I do. And I mean that.

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