The Year of the Writeous Babe

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! 

I declare 2015 to be The Year of the Writeous Babe. 

What's a writeous babe?

A writeous babe is a woman who writes and lives a life worth writing about. 

A writeous babe is a woman who blogs like a boss. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is ready to transform her writing into wealth and her blog into a business. 

A writeous babe is not here for the starving artist cliche. She knows she must be a well-fed writer so that she can nourish the world around her.

A writeous babe is a goal digger! She has the imagination to unearth bold and beautiful dreams and the courage to make them come true. 

A writeous babe has some stories and she wants to look good while she shares them. This is not vanity. Her stunning beauty is simply the result of self-care. A writeous babe rejuvenates her body with exercise, replenishes her body with delicious, healthful foods, and restores her body with relaxation and rest.  And everything with which she adorns her body -- from the hair on her head to the shoes on her feet -- celebrates her unique and authentic style.

A writeous babe believes in women's empowerment and the sanctity of sisterhood. Thus, part of her life's work is to help other women and girls find their voices and let them be heard. 

Are you a writeous babe?

Of course, you are!

And this year you will begin to live the life of your dreams and I am here to help you do so. 

All year long every blog post I publish, every newsletter I send,  and every e-course, webinar or video training I release will be aimed at helping you accomplish your goals and build a beautiful life. 

Are you with me? 

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Let's do this! 

Javacia Harris Bowser is the creator of How To Write and Have a Life, a time management e-course for women who write and blog. 

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