Help me, I'm 30!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

image via Clutch

While many people dread turning 30, early this year I was counting down the days to this monumental birthday. I was busy planning a weekend long celebration and even created a vision board representing all the things I wanted to accomplish during this glorious decade.

My birthday came, I had a great time celebrating, and I got to work on all those dreams. 

Then something happened.

A few months ago I got hit with the "Oh no, I'm 30!" blues. Read my latest article for Clutch magazine to find out what sent me into this funk and how I pulled myself out. 


  1. Heading there now.. I have to say, the 30's are interesting.. I only have one more year left in it. Here's hoping my 40s are even better!

  2. Thanks for reading my article. I'm hoping that during my 30s I will finally start living the life I've always wanted.

  3. Yup. I completely relate to this post.

    I'm 30 and will be 31 in January. It's funny I was also super excited about turning 30, but about two months ago when I realized I was turning 31 I started panicking.

    I still have soooooo much to accomplish and I'm mad at myself for not having accomplished so many of my goals. But when you decide to pursue a career in an unpredictable field (theatre) these are the sacrifices you end up making and the chances you end up taking.

    I'm not sure I want to marry or have kids, but at 31 I'm worried that I'm not going to meet the right guy "in time." Maybe it sounds silly, but I know I'm not alone.

    But here's how I combat this problem...

    I saw an interview with Toni Morrison in which she discussed her disdain with this society's obsession with age. She said she hated that people act as if you're a failure if you haven't "found yourself" by the time you're 30. She pointed out that she didn't write The Bluest Eye until she was 35!

    Thinking of that gives me life everytime!

    Best to ya,


  4. Thanks for sharing that, Victoria. That reminder is very encouraging to me since I'm a writer. My birthday is in February. Let's make 31 awesome, shall we?

  5. I looked forward to turning 30 as well. Now 15 years later I feel I have wasted that time. I will be 46 next month and stuck in a dead end job. I'll have college age kids in just a couple of years so ... it's all about them and working working working to get them thru college. ::sigh:: It's time for me to give up on my own dreams. Don't waste your time. Go get your dreams.

  6. @Carol - I'm 30 and not 46 so of course I'm not yet in your shoes, but maybe it isn't time to give up on your dreams. Maybe there's a way to still live them out fully or at least pursue a scaled down version of them. For example, if you always wanted to be a doctor, maybe you could do some sort of work in the medical field that's less demanding. Or if you wanted to be an actress, maybe you could perform on weekends doing community theatre. Maybe that sounds corny, but I hate the idea of anyone giving up on their dreams no matter their age or circumstance. I just have to believe that there is a way to fulfill your passions. 46 isn't ancient! Please don't give up completely. YOU DESERVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!!!

    -Happy Holidays,

  7. Yes, Carol, I completely agree with Victoria. You deserve to see your dreams come true in at least some form. I understand that you feel you must abandon them for the sake of your children, but think of what a great example you'd be setting for them by having the courage to go after your dreams in your 40s and even 50s. Go for it!