Monday Motivation: On Choosing Joy

Monday, November 14, 2011

There's a quote on my 2011vision board that simply reads: "Joy is a choice." I added it to my board last December hoping it would help me keep a positive attitude in tough situations faced this year. And for a few months it did. But, of course, I eventually got used to seeing that board on my bedroom wall and it began to be about as special to me as the blinds in my bedroom window.  

Last week I had to work a 12-hour day as we were holding auditions for my school's black history program, of which I am the faculty sponsor. Seeing as how I was recovering from a pretty rough sickness and very tired I was not looking forward to such a long day. But that morning the "Joy is a choice" quote happened to catch my eye while I was getting dressed and I made a decision: I chose joy. 

I decided I would have fun during the auditions and I did just that. It was so excited seeing students showcase their singing, dancing, and acting talents. We all had a wonderful time. 

I learned a valuable lesson. My circumstances did not change. I still didn't get home until 8 p.m. I was still coughing most of the evening and I was still exhausted. But I simply changed my attitude and that made all the difference. 

So no matter what the week may bring, decide today that you will choose joy. 

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  1. GREAT reminder. I must choose joy. Oh.. but it can be sooo hard! A vision board - good idea!