30 Things I Love Right Now

Monday, May 16, 2016

All pink everything!

(1) Listening to LEMONADE. On repeat. | (2) Listening to Lion Babe. | (3) Being a Writeous Babe. | (4) Dreaming of summer.  | (5) Cousin dates. | (6) All pink everything. | (7) Trips to Target for no reason at all. |  (8) Big hair. Don't care. | (9) Obsessing over Instagram. | (10) Obsessing over planners. | (11) Running in my neighborhood. | (12) Pretty perfume bottles. | (13) My rose-tinted aviators. | (14) YoMo FroYo. | (15) Writing for StyleBlueprint Birmingham. | (17) Calling myself a teacherpreneur.  | (18) Reading myself to sleep. | (19) Seeing the flowers in my yard bloom again.  | (20) Buying myself girly gifts from ban.do. | (21) Writing in my prayer journal every morning. | (22) Collecting quotes.| (23) Motivational morning texts from Shine. | (24) Browsing Blogger templates. | (25) Being a my husband's girlfriend. | (26) Pretending to be a poet again. | (27)  Feeling like a writer again. | (28) Tweeting random thoughts. | (29) Being a girl. | (30) God Herself. 


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