My Feminist Fingertips, May 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nail polish: Penny Talk by Essie

This month I've had the honor of being the Blogger of the Month for Alabama Women Bloggers.

I've had four guest posts featured on the Alabama Women Bloggers site and I'd love for you to check them out:

In Girl Meets Blog: A Love Story, I shared the story of how I fell in love with blogging and tremendous impact blogging has had on my life.

In the post Home Is Where Our Story Begins I shared my love for my city and I why wholeheartedly believe author Natalie Goldberg's declaration that ....

Next I shared A Day in the Life of a Writeous Babe and gave you a peek into my life beyond the blog.

And finally I offered the Best of Writeous Babe and shared some of my most popular posts.

What did you write this month? 


  1. Your post stuck out to me first glance because of the picture of your journal. I have the same exact one. I write in it almost every day! That's enough motivation for me to keep writing! Much love <3

    1. Writing daily is so important! Kudos to you for doing so!

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