Where I'm From

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

That's me with on the left, the one with the awesome yellow socks, with my sweet cousin Kandis.

Let's make today a Writeous Wednesday, shall we?

Here's a writing prompt:

Read the poem "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon

Then, write a poem of your own reflecting on your childhood, family or both.

Here's mine:

Where I'm From

I am from laundromats with pinball, Pac Man and Donkey Kong arcade games
I am from alleys littered with dirty needles and broken glass.
I am from the trees too tall for the other girls in the neighborhood to climb
I am from fish sticks and potted meat
I am from honeysuckle and fireflies

I am from Easter dresses and knee-high socks.
I am from my cousins hand-me-downs
I am from the card table flipped over after you reneged in a game of Spades
I am from the bottom of Daddy’s bottle of whiskey
From his aching back after another 16-hour workday

I am from playtime with Mama
From paper dolls and Easy Bake ovens

I am from Granny’s rice pudding and Sunday paper
From her cup of coffee, sugar and cream
I am from Tang, lemonade and sweet tea

I am from the Lord who is my Shepherd, who tells me not to want, who tries to restore my soul.

Your turn. Feel free to share a link to your response in the comments. 


  1. Thank you for this. I loved your poem so much. Here is mine:

    Where I’m From

    I am first from my mother
    I am from blank space and lost time
    I’m from the projects and welfare
    I’m from from stealing and spankings

    I’m from abandonment and alcohol
    I’m from anger and ashes
    I’m from hell and heaven
    I’m from heartbreak and goodbye

    I am from my father second
    I am from discipline and ambition
    I am from perfection and love
    I am from understanding and gifts

    I am from the world third
    I am from abuse and invasion
    I am from sex and lies
    I am from tragedy and recovery

    I am from myself last
    I am from unicorns and rainbows
    I am from smiles and laughter with champagne and cheers
    I am from happiness and hope with gratitude and grace.
    I am from myself most.

    1. Sherri, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!