Curl Interrupted

Monday, November 26, 2012

For the past two weeks I've been rocking straight hair. This isn't something that happens often. About twice a year I go to my favorite hairstylist to have my hair flat ironed straight. My stylist prefers to cut my hair while it's straight (although she can cut curly hair too) so usually I get my hair flat ironed when I need a trim. Sometimes, I get my hair straightened just because I'm bored; and sometimes it's because I want to wear a cute hat (most of which will not fit over my crazy curls).

The four to six months in between my flat iron rendezvous is somehow enough time for nearly every person in my life to forget that I occasionally straighten my hair. Therefore, when I do smooth out my curls, I am inevitably inundated with questions such as "Is that really all your hair?" A student of mine actually had the audacity to ask me this (and with a stank attitude, might I add). I guess this child doesn't understand that curly hair will be longer when straightened. And I teach at a school for smart kids! Sigh.

The question that bothers me most, however, is "Why don't you wear your hair straight all the time?" 

Really, people? Does my natural hair bother you that much that you'd prefer I heat and beat it into submission all year? If so, that sucks for you because I love my curls. 

Even though India Arie's song "I Am Not My Hair" was once my mantra, I must admit I feel a bit weird when my hair is straight. When my hair is curly I feel like more of myself and I feel more carefree. With straight tresses I worry way too much about my hair getting wet. And I when I go to the gym all I can do is weight training because after even a short cardio workout my curls will come back with a vengeance before I'm ready for them to return. 

Besides, my curly coif is like my trademark or my brand and how people find me in a crowd. 

So today the curls are back. Oh, how I've missed you. 


  1. People always flip out when I straighten my hair (once about every other year). I firmly believe we look best with what we have naturally (though I'm all for enhancing what you were born with--hello, makeup and hair gel). But I think people like my hair straight so much just because it's DIFFERENT. I like my curls!

  2. Your curls are fabulous! It just looks fabulous straight too! And I think when people have seen it one way so much it looks new to them when it is different. Do you boo! Because anyway it goes your hair looks awesome!

  3. I get similar responses when I straighten my hair, which has been about once a year. It's so interesting and sometimes I just want to tell them not to worry about my hair. And I agree with Rhonda, your curls are fabulous!

  4. Your hair is GORGEOUS both ways!!! Very nice!

  5. I typically wear my hair straight more often in the winter months and I get bombarded with so many questions that it is really quite offensive. In fact, while I was black friday shopping, a guy demonstrated a flat iron on my hair and people seemed to all stop and ask numerous questions like why my hair is gold, is that all my hair, and a question that I HATE, what is she mixed with. Apparently, I can't be just a beautiful black girl, but whatever. People can be so ignorant these days.

    1. I hate the what are you mixed with question. I also have people say that they don't understand how someone as dark as I am can have such "good hair."