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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Necole Bitchie
Image via iamnecole.com

While cruising around in Twitterville last night I happened upon a link to an interview with celebrity gossip blogger Necole Bitchie. If you've been reading this blog even for a week you probably won't be surprised to know that celebrity gossip isn't really my thing. I frequent blogs about feminism, writing, faith, and living your best life. But the tweet about this article caught my eye because it mentioned Ms. Bitchie "falling out of love with her blog." 

I've been there. 

It happened with my previous blog Georgia Mae. And one of the reasons I have yet to make any moves toward starting an online magazine is my fear that eventually I'd lose passion for the project. So, I was interested in what Necole had to say about this and about blogging in general. 

Interviewer Jerrod Hobbs of CarltonJordan.com asked Necole if people need to live in a certain area to be a successful blogger. Ms. Bitchie stated that if your goal is to be an entertainment news and celebrity gossip blogger with exclusive coverage then being near a major city like Los Angeles, New York or Atlanta is probably your best bet. But she went on to say, "The good thing about living in other cities across the nation is that you can be that ‘It person’ for your city." 

I think this doesn't just have to apply to celebrity news. I've heard and read advice from successful bloggers in a variety of niches recommending that emerging bloggers seek to take a local approach to their topics. I've been considering this myself. Can the See Jane Write blog become the source for news and information on Birmingham's literary and media arts communities?

Later in the interview Ms. Bitchie told Hobbs that between March 2011 and May 2012 she had to take a break from her site to deal with some personal issues. Meanwhile, her brand was changed into something different from what she created and that's what caused her to fall out of love with blogging for a bit. 

I think there's a valuable lesson we can all learn for this and I think it goes back to the idea of having a mission statement for your blog or any project. You need a clear vision for your work and you need to stay focused on that always. 

This, perhaps, is the solution to staying motivated and committed, the key to staying passionate about what you do. In the interview Necole Bitchie discussed the importance of following through and said the secret to sticking with it is to do what makes you happy. Don't chase blogging trends; tackle topics you truly care about. 

Being true to your mission and to your voice will also help you keep readers. These things will make your blog and your brand consistent which will make your readers loyal. Ms. Bitchie explained it this way: "A good brand makes people feel a certain way and gives a certain experience.  People are loyal to things because of the way they make them feel."

To read the CarltonJordan.com interview with Necole Bitchie click here

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