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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Demetria L. Lucas posted a great story at Vibe Vixen yesterday on the beauty of girl crushes. 

First of all, she explained that a girl crush is not about the girl-on-girl action that fills the sexual fantasies of way too many men. A girl crush is strictly platonic and is about being infatuated with a woman who possesses traits you admire such as "beauty, sophistication, sass, confidence, etc."

Lucas believes that every girl needs a girl crush and I completely agree. Lucas writes:
Having a girl crush also tells something else about you. There’s a certain type of woman who can see a fabulous fly woman and lift her up, instead of tear her down. If you’ve got a crush, you’re the type that bypasses buying into the negativity that is often associated with women’s social interactions (thanks Wives’ franchises). Girls who crush on girls offer a positive expression for how we ladies, really–no, seriously–actually do get along.

I have so many girl crushes I can't keep count, but I thought it might be fun to highlight a few. 


I am a complete Beyonce stan. I think she's one of the most beautiful women on the planet, I love her music (in fact I'm rocking to her girl power anthem "Run the World" as I type this) and yes, I think she's a great role model for young girls. No, she's not perfect, but I admire her dedication to her work and how she always presents herself with such class and grace. And I love that she and Jay-Z did things the old-fashioned way: courtship, marriage, and then a child.

Michelle Obama

I love my first lady, y'all. How can you not have a crush on a first lady who knows how to Dougie, has great fashion sense, and has beautifully sculpted arms? And her campaign against childhood obesity is to be applauded. 

Zoe Saldana

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I've always enjoyed Zoe Saldana's movies and, yes, she is insanely beautiful, but I went gaga for her last year when I read her interview with Glamour magazine and found this quote from her:

"I love women. I worship women. Don’t want to be any other woman but myself."

The feminist in me couldn't help but fall for that. 

Scarlett Johansson

I'll be honest; Scarlet is on this list for a completely superficial reason: she's sexy as hell. Yes, she's a great actress and I respect her for that, but the quality she has that I want is pure sex appeal. She exudes it and looks hot even when she's not in some ridiculous sex pot pose. See:

Sex appeal is something I feel as if I've never possessed. I've been the smart girl, the cute girl, the fun and down-to-earth girl, but never the sexy lady. 

I know I'll probably lose my feminist card revoked for being concerned about such things. I know I shouldn't care about this, but I do. I want to feel sexy, dammit! So sue me. 

Sloane Crosley 

One of my biggest dreams in life is to publish a collection of essays. If I had the ability to write anything half as clever as Crosley's writings I'd probably have a book deal by now. Crosley is an amazingly skillful writer and is effortlessly funny. She must have that Tina Fey gene that makes it so that every thought you have is wonderfully witty even when you're not trying. If you don't know her books consider I Was Told There'd Be Cake and How'd You Get This Number your December reading assignments. Yes, there will be a quiz. 

Soledad O'Brien

I've never had aspirations of being in broadcast journalism, but Soledad O'Brien's compelling work -- such as the Black in America series -- motivates me to write things that matter, things that will really make a difference. 

Elsie Larson 

Elsie Larson isn't a famous actress or singer but still seems like a celebrity to me. She's a well-known blogger and I visit her site A Beautiful Mess every single day. It's odd that I love her blog so much. Many of her posts are on creating handmade fashion accessories, home decor, etc. -- a talent I don't possess AT ALL. But I live the life of a crafty lady vicariously through her blog. Larson is a vintage boutique owner and I enjoy her fashion posts too. Larson also makes lists of goals to celebrate her birthday just as I do. You see, we were meant to be friends.  

Who's your girl crush?

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