Reverb11: Obsession

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 of Reverb11 - Today's Prompt: What lessons did you learn this year? 

The main thing I learned about myself this year is that I am at my best when I'm obsessed. Let me explain. 

I have learned that when I decide to do something and I focus on that goal to the point of borderline obsession that goal is always accomplished. Always. At the beginning of the year I was obsessed with losing weight healthily through increased exercise and a balanced diet. I dropped 15 pounds. (Unfortunately, I have since picked them back up.) 

Then I became was obsessed with starting a networking group for women writers in Birmingham. At my first event I had 14 ladies show up for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Four months later I had an event that drew all most 70 women. 

In the summer and fall I was obsessed with getting more freelance writing gigs. I've found myself with so many opportunities I'm struggling to juggle them with my full time job. 

The problem with being so driven by desire, however, is that I can't be highly successful at several things at once operating this way. Case in point: I started to gain my weight back as soon as my focus shifted to the writing group. 

I still have yet to learn how to balance my passions. Perhaps that wisdom will come to me in 2012. 

What did you learn about yourself this year?

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