My Guilty Pleasures

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Yesterday's list was so much fun, I decided to write another one. Today I'm sharing a few of my guilty pleasures.

Pitbull, the rapper. Yes, I confess. I love me some Mr. Worldwide. I recognize he's not the world's greatest lyricist and his songs aren't exactly woman-friendly either. But the Pitbull radio station on my Pandora app certainly does keep me pumped when I'm running and power walking through my neighborhood and on my favorite trail.

The Real Husbands of Hollywood. My three favorite television shows are Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and Covert Affairs. That means my sources of entertainment are full of dying, lying, and spying. So a girl needs a good laugh sometimes and that's why I love The Real Husbands of Hollywood. And there's a chance I have a crush on Nick Cannon too.

Chick flicks. I've been a sucker for chick flicks since the 1989 release of Shag, The Movie. And, yes, I did like the Sex and the City movies. Sue me.

But I also love...

Superhero movies. If you didn't like The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, or The Avengers I can no longer be your friend. Sorry.

I liked The Avengers so much I created this to be the cover photo for my Writeous Babe Facebook page. 

And speaking of superhero movies, another guilty pleasure of mine is...

admiring men with beards.  As much as I love superhero movies, I am not a fan of Super Man. At all. I thought Man of Steel would win me over. It did not. The movie was over for me once Clark Kent shaved. Yes, I love beards! Unfortunately, my hubs refuses to grow one. That's OK. He's still adorable.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? 


  1. I love all of the Sex and the City shows and movies too. Love me some Carrie and her girls.

  2. Embarassing as it is, I have to admit enjoying those "people of WalMart pictures" that people send me from time to time. I find myself writing a biography of each person in my head. How did they get like they are? Also, I grew up watching heavyweight boxing matches on TV (black and white small screen TV, from Madison Square Garden) with my dad and uncles. I was addicted to professional boxing and knew all the boxers, but I didn't turn out to be violent. Elaine Williams

    1. Elaine, that reminds me that I should have added wrestling and MMA fighting to my list.

  3. US Magazine, Icees, Bee Gees and eating cold sesame chicken for breakfast. Annemarie

  4. SHAG! I loved that movie- so, so, so good!

    1. Katie, we have yet another thing in common! I know that entire movie by heart. It's quite sad.