Why I Want to Start a Feminist Blog

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I want to start a blog for feminists still figuring it out. 

I'm still kicking around that idea of starting a feminist blog.

But as I stated in the Ten Commandments of Blogging, "Thou shalt not blog in vain." I need to have a clear mission if I start this blog and I have to be sure I'm not starting a feminist blog just because other feminists I like have one.

So why am I considering starting this blog?

I believe in writing the blog you want to read. And I want to read a feminist lifestyle blog. I want to read a blog that shows how women can practice feminism in their everyday lives and have fun while doing so.

I want to read a blog about how to be a happy feminist.

I want to read a blog that shows women how they can be champions for women's equality and empowerment even if they're not involved in protests and politics.

I want to read a blog that is a safe space for feminists still figuring it out.

I want to read a blog that acknowledges that there is no such thing as a perfect feminist and that expecting a woman to be a perfect feminist is no better than pushing a woman to be a perfect mother or a perfect wife.

I want to read a feminist blog that is ripe with grace and love.

What kind of feminist blog do you want to read? 


  1. Hey Javacia--I'd read a non-political feminist blog that celebrates the empowerment of women.

    When I was a kid, one of my role models was the fictional Mrs. Emma Peel, the epitome of a sexy, empowered, intelligent woman. I'm still inspired by the message her character delivered. A gazillion years ago I wrote an essay about that message for The Crimson White. And then I later published that essay on The Ben Franklin Follies. It's probably the third most-popular post I've written so far:


    Can't wait to see where you take your idea for your blog.

    Cheers--The anonymous @RealSheree

    1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed that post!