The Post About My Period

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I love being a girl and nearly everything that comes with it. Yes, even that.

Don't be coy. You know what "that" is.

Yes, I love my period.

You may be wondering how someone could love something that can be so aggravating, embarrassing, inconvenient, and painful. Don't get me wrong: I hate being on my period, but I'm grateful for it nonetheless.

For me menstrual cramps and missed pool parties are outweighed by the bonds we girls create because of good ol' Flo.

Just think about the time you shared "My First Period" stories with your girls and laughed to the point of tears. Think about the co-worker you started having lunch with after the day you had to ask her for a tampon. And think back to the pal who taught you how to use tampons in the first place.

Below I've posted a commercial that is funniest advertisement for feminine hygiene products that I have ever seen. But we need to remember that for some women and girls, menstruation is no laughing matter.

In America talking about your period is taboo because some people say it's not "lady-like." But in some cultures being on your period carries a serious social stigma. Furthermore, in some countries, such as developing nations like Uganda, millions of girls miss 20 percent of the school year because they can't afford to buy sanitary products. Women miss days at work, losing income that could make the difference between whether or not their families go hungry.

So remember that the next time you have a woe-is-me attitude because it's that time of the month.

But to lighten the mood a bit, I present to you The Camp Gyno.


  1. Let's also talk about the fact that in my 30's I am getting menstrual breakouts!! I never got them in my teens! But, I digress. I read about young girls and women using rags and mattress bits to make sanitary protection. This was amongst the other things they had to do simply to get through that time of the month. That article almost made me cry. There is a foundation that you can donate to. If I am allowed, I can share it.

    1. Feel free to share. The only one I know about is AFRipads, but I believe there are others.

      And I have a friend who is also suffering from menstrual breakouts. I think her doctor was able to help with that. You might want to ask about it.